SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader - Next Generation Pro Ingest
Next Generation Pro Ingest
Next Generation Ingest
SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader
Professional Dual-Slot SxS PRO X Card Reader for Computers with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 3 Ports
Mac® | Windows
Compatible with Apple® M series Macs; Thunderbolt™ 3 Intel® Macs; and Thunderbolt 4 and Thunderbolt 3 Windows computers
Concert Camera Operator
Supports SxS PRO X Cards at Full Speed

Superior Dual-Slot Ingest Performance

SxS™ professional memory cards are used in many past and current Sony® and ARRI® pro digital video cameras and camcorders. Sony’s latest cards — SxS PRO X — take a performance leap by offering nearly 3x the maximum read speeds over previous generation cards. While Sony Venice Cinema Camera and PXW-Z750 XDCAM exploit SxS PRO X cards’ enhanced performance capabilities, even users of compatible Sony video cameras, such as PXW-X400 and PXW-Z450, can take advantage of the cards’ read speed potential.
Sony PXW-Z750 and ARRI Alexa SXT W Video Cameras
When it’s time to ingest footage to your computer, don’t settle on any old card reader — for the shortest ingest times, SxS PRO X cards require a card reader designed to support their maximum ingest speeds (and, for even greater efficiency, a dual-slot card reader that can ingest two cards simultaneously). Get a Sonnet SF3™ Series – SxS PRO X Card Reader; it’s the fastest tool for the job.
SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader Side View
SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader On Desk
Built for Two – Read up to 2500 MB/s

Dual-Slot Ingest at Maximum Read Speeds

The SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader easily reads all SxS memory cards at their rated speeds, with simultaneous aggregate performance of two cards up to 2500 MB/s.
SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader Speed Chart

Key Features

Superior Ingest Performance Icon

Superior Ingest Performance

Ingests footage from all SxS cards at up to maximum supported speeds. Simultaneously ingest from two cards at full speed.

Broad SxS Card Support Icon

Broad SxS Card Support

Supports all SxS media, including SxS PRO X, SxS PRO+ E Series, and SxS-1 cards.

PCIe 3.0 x4 Thunderbolt Device Icon

PCIe 3.0 x4 Thunderbolt Device

This Thunderbolt 3 device provides four lanes of PCIe 3.0 (two lanes to each card slot). Thunderbolt 4 would be limited to one lane total. Learn more about Thunderbolt 3 performance benefits over Thunderbolt 4.

Compact, Rugged, Stackable Icon

Compact, Rugged, Stackable

Small and rugged aluminum enclosure for reliable operation; design enables multiple SF3 Series card readers to occupy same footprint.

Rackable Icon


Threaded mount points enable secure attachment of two readers side-by-side on a rack tray in just 1U of rack space.

Two Thunderbolt Ports Icon

Two Thunderbolt Ports

One port connects to computer; second port supports daisy chaining of up to five additional SF3 Series pro card readers.

Apple M Series Compatible Icon

Apple M series Compatible

Supports M series Macs.

Intel Mac Compatible Icon

Intel® Macs Compatible

Supports Intel Macs with Thunderbolt 3 ports, and Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt 1 ports (with adapter plus Thunderbolt 2 cable, sold separately).

Windows Compatible Icon

Windows Compatible

Supports Windows computers with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Why Thunderbolt 3 Instead of Thunderbolt 4?
Sonnet’s line of pro card readers rely on Thunderbolt 3 technology for maximum performance. Learn Why ›
Sony SxS Pro X, SxS Pro, and SxS-1 Media Cards
Supports all SxS Media

Broad SxS Card Support

Supports all SxS media, including SxS PRO X, SxS PRO+ E Series, and SxS-1 cards.
Film Crew on Movie SetSF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader Front View
Ingest Simultaneously from Two Cards

Dual Card Slots, Double Productivity

The SF3 Series – SxS PRO X Card Reader ingests files from all SxS memory cards at their rated speeds. Better still, it can ingest files simultaneously from two cards — at double the average ingest speed of other SxS card readers — to cut your ingest times in half.
SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader In Rack Kit
Rack It Up

Ready for Racking

Sonnet’s SF3 Series pro card readers include threaded mount points that enable you to securely attach two readers side-by-side on a rack tray in just 1U of rack space.
DIT Camera Operator On Location
Compact, Rugged, Stackable

The SxS Card Reader for Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs)

For DITs working multi-camera shoots or in a small space, equipment size and design features matter. The SF3 Series – SxS PRO X Card Reader measures just 5.8 inches wide by 5.1 inches deep by 1 inch tall, making it suitable for use in any workspace and workflow.
SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader Dimensions
Sonnet SF3 Series Pro Card Readers

Designed to be Stacked and Daisy Chained

SF3 Series pro card readers feature rugged aluminum enclosures designed to be stacked and daisy chained, enabling multiple AJA PAK Media, CFast™ 2.0, CFexpress™/XQD™, RED MINI-MAG®, and SxS PRO X readers to occupy the same footprint, while connecting to your computer through a single cable. You can take advantage of Thunderbolt’s up to 2800 MB/s of PCIe 3.0 x4 bandwidth to ingest four, six, or more cards simultaneously!
SF3 Series Pro Card Readers Stacked
SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader Thunderbolt 3 Ports
40Gbps Thunderbolt

Fastest External Interface Available

Featuring a dual-port 40Gbps Thunderbolt interface, this reader ingests footage from all SxS memory cards to Mac® and Windows® computers with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 3 ports — on location, in the studio, or in the edit suite — at up to the fastest speeds the cards will support.
40Gbps Thunderbolt Ports Icons
Dual 40Gbps Thunderbolt Ports
One port is reserved for the connection to your Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 3 computer; the second port enables expansion of up to five additional Thunderbolt peripheral devices in a daisy chain.
10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 Icon
10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2 Support
10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2 support allows you to connect a USB device to the second Thunderbolt port using the proper cable or adapter.
15W Power Icon
Provides 15W of Power
For peripherals requiring extra power, 15 watts is provided to bus-powered devices.
5K Display Icon
Supports Connecting One 5K 60Hz Display
Maximize the utilization of one computer Thunderbolt port.
Thunderbolt Ports
All the Right Connections

40Gbps Thunderbolt Cable and ThunderLok 3 Included

Sonnet includes a Thunderbolt cable that supports Thunderbolt’s full 40Gbps bandwidth, and is fully compatible with Thunderbolt 4 and Thunderbolt 3 computers. Sonnet also provides a ThunderLok™ 3 Thunderbolt connector retainer clip that prevents accidental cable disconnections — just slide it over one end of the cable, and then plug in the connector and secure it to the reader by turning a thumbscrew. Because of its unique design, ThunderLok remains on the cable so it won’t get lost when not in use.
40Gbps Thunderbolt Cable with ThunderLok 3Supports Full 40Gbps Thunderbolt Bandwidth
Thunderbolt 4 Computers

Compatible with Thunderbolt 4 Computers and Apple M series Macs

SF3 Series professional card readers are fully compatible with Thunderbolt 4 computers, including Apple M series Macs. Sonnet’s media readers are purposely designed with a Thunderbolt 3 controller and its four lanes of PCIe (not available in a Thunderbolt 4 peripheral) to achieve maximum simultaneous ingest speeds. Learn more about the performance benefits of Thunderbolt 3 over Thunderbolt 4.
Apple M Series CPU

Compatible with Apple M series Macs

see Tech Specs for details

Older Macs with Thunderbolt 2 Ports

Backward Compatible with Older Macs

No Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 3? No problem — SF3 Series - SxS PRO X Card Reader is also compatible with Macs with Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt ports when used with the bi-directional Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter and a Thunderbolt cable (both sold separately).
SxS Pro X Single Slot Card Reader

Bus-Powered Option Available

Do you need the fastest ingest speeds but need to travel light — extra power bricks and cables take up extra space and can weigh you down — and don’t have a large stack of cards to ingest? Check out Sonnet’s SxS PRO X Thunderbolt Single-Slot Card Reader. It’s bus-powered, operating off its Thunderbolt connection so there’s no need to plug in a power supply or power cable, and reads SxS PRO X cards at rated speeds.
Learn why Sonnet's Pro Products Rely on Thunderbolt 3 Technology for Maximum Performance
See Tech Specs for footnotes.
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SF3 Series - SxS Pro X Card Reader